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Industry Leading Manufacturing

Foamtec is a trustworthy manufacturing option, ensuring a consistent supply of die-cut materials tailored for various industries. With a steadfast dedication to quality, we strictly follow ISO standards, guaranteeing that each product meets rigorous standards for excellence and uniformity as a reliable North American supplier.

Application Specific Polyurethane Foam

We listen to understand key deliverables of your finished device and to identify and/or create a PU foam to meet critical criteria.

Foamtec doesn’t believe it’s just about producing any foam. We believe the Foamtec difference is our ability to make a foam with unique properties that creates a differentiated device with your end-use in mind.

Custom Foam Identification

If your project has specific requirements, our R&D team will work with you to provide the correct foam for your PU device.

Our Processes


Global Supply Chain

Foamtec Specialty excels in converting raw materials into high-quality components tailored to meet the specific demands of various industries.

Product Development

Foamtec’s New Product Development Team are experts in helping you create prototypes and specifications with your critical deliverables in mind.

By People Who Care

From customer service to engineering to distribution, more than 2,000 global employees have the expertise to find solutions for you.